Free table tennis coaching at Sands End Arts & Community Centre

1 year ago

Sands End Arts & Community Centre  is providing 10 weeks of table tennis coaching for the over-60s from 11am-1pm every Wednesday starting  19th April 2023.

Everyone at Sands End Arts & Community Centre is a big fan of table tennis and we think it’s our duty to enable more people to enjoy and play this fun, sociable  and exciting sport that provides a multitude of health benefits.

But we know not everyone can play at the same level, so in partnership with London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham we’ve managed to secure 10 weeks of funding for two hours’ coaching per week with an accredited London Sports Trust coach.

We have four tables to practise on, and participants will be able to develop and fine tune their skills with the help of a qualified coach – so as well as mastering your back and forehand pushes and drives, you’ll soon start bamboozling your opponents with more advanced techniques such as chips, chops and loops!

We will have bats and balls for you to use, but feel free to bring your own, and please wear loose, comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear. Sessions will start promptly at 11am.

We must add that while this is a fun and exciting sport, you will need to confirm that you’re fit and able to take part and inform us of any underlying health conditions (there’ll be a form to fill out, so try to arrive a little earlier so you don’t lose any playing time).

To sign up, please email us or call 020 3196 9431, or drop in on our first session – we can register you on the day.

We’re really looking forward to this project, but don’t think this is your only opportunity to take part – if you can’t make Wednesdays, or are just keen to get in some extra practise, come by the centre and speak to the team, who can let you know when the main hall is free during the day so you can squeeze in an extra game or two.

We want SEACC to be the place to play, and with enough people taking part, we’d love to host a competition in a couple of months’ time!