Summer Twilight Festival – Masterclass with Mark Messenger (Head of Strings, Royal College of Music)




Sands End Arts & Community Centre
Peterborough Road

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Three talented young violinists and a group of young chamber musicians will be given the opportunity to present their performance, then receive feedback and coaching from Mark Messenger. Come and see how music education propels young talents to the professional level

Admission: free

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Sherry Music Academy

Founded in 2021, the Academy’s mission is to create performance opportunities for talented young violinists and chamber musicians. Our philosophy is that performance is the ultimate goal of both composers and musicians, and provides the “special experience” which motivates young learners to achieve their full potential.

Sherry Shen, Leader

Sherry Shen was born in China, and performed in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore with the Jiang Zha Gang Chinese Opera before completing her Master of Performance degree at the Royal College of Music. In addition to creating and managing the Sherry Music Academy, Sherry is a solo violinist, a passionate chamber player, and a film and recording artist, appearing regularly with the London City Philharmonic, the London Film Music Orchestra, and the London Firebird Orchestra